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The beaches of the town of Ostuni


Lido Morelli

Lido Morelli is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Ostuni. Many families go to Lido Morelli to spend their holidays in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub. The particularity of the beach lies in the fact that the water which washes the coast is completely transparent and shallow. On sunny days, it is even possible to see yourself reflected in the water of Lido Morelli!


Cala Quarto di Monte

Cala Quarto di Monte is a small beach near Ostuni that is often overlooked by tourists. However, this beach turns out to be a true corner of paradise. In the general chaos that normally occurs in the locality, Quarto di Monte is the ideal place to relax and take a break from everyday stress. The peculiarities of the beach are clean and soft sand, extremely pleasant to the touch.


Torre Pouzzelle

Torre Pozzelle beach is really different from all the others in the Ostuni area. In fact, this beach has many small rocks between them that intertwine with patches of soft, golden sand. The result is true visual splendor. Added to this is the sea which washes the coast, blue and crystal clear. Finally, on the beach, there are also several natural wells that are formed thanks to rainwater.

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